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Full-coverage water cooling head
applicable to public-version GTX1080 graphic card

Full-coverage water cooling head, applicable to MSI GTX1080 graphic card.

Heat dissipation at the same time targeting the tree major heating positions of graphic card core, video memory, and power supply MOS.

High-purity red-copper baseboard to guarantee highly efficient heat conducting performance.

The baseboard goes through green electroplating, while being anti-oxidation and resistant to corrosion, it could also enhance aesthetic degree.

The upper cover adopts imported PMMA to be greatly transparent and strong.

The inlet/outlet design is the standard G1/4 screw threat and compatible to most fast screwing or pagoda.

The internal water channel adopts micro water channel design to make liquid contact more thorough and bring heat away more quickly.

Processed and created with precision machinery, and perfectly integrated with graphic card.

It is suggested to use the special heat conducting liquid of Syscooling.

Bring multi-color and color-changeable LED light and support Syscooling lamp control system.