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      Customer Demands:

  The industry of the customer was the development, sales, operation and maintenance of server groups, chips would have high heat dissipation during long time of project computing, high temperature would affect the using life of servers, the air-cooled heat dissipation effect was poor and the noise in machine room was severe, so they commissioned the R&D Department of Dongyuan Syscooling to provide solutions, improve the foresaid situation, and control the project cost as much as it could.

  Demand analysis:

  The R&D Department understood that the CUP used by customer servers was E5 2690, which had the thermal design power (TDP) of 135W, and package size of 52.5×45.0mm, 2 CUP constituted one set.

  Design Objective:

  As understood by the R&D Department, the maximum allowed temperature (Tcase) of E5 2690 was 72.0°C, when the target server of this design had project computing in the environment of 30℃, the CUP temperature was no higher than 60℃.


  *The solution of 750 water pump → C16 water cooling head × 6 → AT360 radiator was adopted.

  *Solution cost control 1: it adopts the existing finished C16 water cooling heads of the company and saved the die sinking cost of the customized water cooling heads;

  *Solution cost control 2: 6 CUP cooling heads along with 1 water pump and 1 radiator form a 750 water pump that has relatively big flow and lift due to the adoption of the relatively high quantity of 6 water cooling heads within unit water routes;

  *The thermal physics CFD calculation was made on the overall solution, the highest temperature obtained in within the system was 54.5℃, which was within the designed target temperature, so the design was feasible;

  Product/Solution Delivery:

  When applying the water-cooling heat dissipation solution provided by Dongyuan Syscooling to customer servers, the highest temperature of E5 2690 in actual project computing was 49.6℃, which was far less than the maximum allowable temperature (Tcase) at 72.0°C, the servers’ using lives were extended, and the cost control met customer expectations.

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