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Heat Dissipation of UV-curable Printer

  Customer Demands:

  The customer engaged in the production of UV-curable printers, the actually encountered problem was that the UV ultraviolet ray curing lights in the equipment were easy to have unstable performance and certain probability of fault due to high temperature after relatively long period of continuous work. The customer hoped that the R&D Department of Dongyuan Syscooling could provide the water-cooling and heat dissipation solution to reduce the temperature of UV curing lights, and enhance the stability of its equipments after long time of continuous work.

  Demand analysis:

  The overall size of the UV light currently adopted by the customer was 40*45*5mm, and the power was 180W, and the customer had later plan to upgrade into higher-power equipment, so the design solution at this time adopted 2-time power as the heat source, meaning the heat source of 360W.

  The space to install water cooling heads in customer's equipment and the space to place water pump and other components on the outside were relatively abundant.

  Design Objective:

  At the room temperature of 30, the temperature of the heating part on the back of UV light was controlled below the level of 80, and the customer's equipment was stably working for over 48 hours.


  *The space to install water cooling head in customer equipment was relatively abundant, so the design of water cooling head, after guaranteeing the full coverage of the heating area, increased the vertical thickness as much as possible to enhance the heat absorption capacity;

  *Due to the relatively large designing sign of the water cooling heads, the pure aluminum material that was relatively lighter than the pure copper material at the same volume was adopted;

  *The 300T water pump was designed to be in front of customer equipment, so as to facilitate assembly workers in customer factory to add heat conduction liquid;

  *Through 4 times of simulation and calculation, it was determined that the size of the water heading head was 49*50*70mm, its internal part was designed into a groove-type water route, and the external water inlet/outlet were vertical to the water route, the water inlet/outlet adopted G1/4 crew thread, and the flexible hose was connected through fast fastening;

  *The solution had thermal physics CFD simulation treatment, at 30, the temperature of the heating part on the back of UV light was 68, which met the expectation, as the solution was delivered to the customer, its stability after 48 hours of continuous working was verified.

  Product/Solution Delivery:

  At 14:00, 16-03-26, the customer implemented the acceptance check of continuous working stability on the water cooling heat dissipation solution provided by Dongyuan Syscooling.

  At 14:00, 16-03-29, the 20 equipments that participated in the acceptance check had been continuously working for 72 hours, all the equipments were normal, both the quality and speed of printing products maintained stability, the acceptance check was completed, and the design solution met the customer’s demands.

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