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Radiator-the key to determine the quality of water cooling
From:原创 Release Date:2017-11-15 717

The heatsink in the water-cooled computer is also called radiator,which are important part of the water cooling  system. Radiator takes the last step of cooling the water, relasing the heat, so that the quality of  water cooling system's heat disspation  is determined by the radiator. No matter how strong your pump performance, how good your water block, if you don't have a good radiator , you can not achieve the best heat diaapation effect.


The size of radiator is 120,240,360,480. the simple explanation is to put one 120mm fan is 120's radiator, two fan is 240's, and so on. In addition radiator's material generally have copper and aluminum, some users often struggle with the choice of aluminum or copper. Although the thermal conductivity of copper is better than aluminum,  the heat dissipation effect of the copper radiator and aluminum radiator is not very different. The secret is the craftsmanship of radiator, cooling fins and channels need to be welded,copper radiator need to be welded with tin, and tin is a kind of metal with poor thermal conductivity,so this also lowers the thermal conductivity of the copper.But the welding of the aluminum is more advanced,it's used brazing, one-step forming, so the heat dissipation is not worse than copper.

The radiator of the syscooling, whose surface due to the environmental protection paint technology, smooth and delicate, rich texture, enhance the degree of the beautiful, at the same time, it also can prevent oxidation and resist corrosion.The service life is greatly extended. The selected pure copper and pure aluminum fins , in which aluminum radiator adopts lead-free soldering process and perfect heat dissipation.


In addition, after years of painstaking research and combined with the user experience, the exclusive production of ultra-thin cooling, in the case without affecting the cooling effect, the thickness of ultra-thin aluminum row is only 22mm, the ultra-thin copper thickness is only 27mm, and it save more space for the computer case.

Besides,careful netizens noticed that the copper and aluminum are not mutually compatible in the water cooling computer.


It means that copper and aluminum will react at high temperature to produce eutectic phase copper aluminum alloy, which has a great influence on the properties of two kinds of metals. Because CPU and graphics water block is generally copper, players will worry about the use of aluminum radiator will occur the above reaction, if not using dedicated water coolant, there will be such a hidden danger. However, the users who use the aluminum radiator don't be too struggle, matching with the syscooling dedicated water coolant can solve it, because the dedicated water coolant has been deionized, and it will add corrosion inhibition and scale inhibition and inhibition of components.So the syscooling water coolant can protect water cooling system all round. Maintenance free for 5 years.      Said so much, you must be more understanding of the radiator, if you want to purchase  syscooling radiator,yoy can purchase it to the Taobao store "Dongyuan syscooling official water cooling shop". Tips: It's the better effect to cooperate syscooling dedicated water coolant.