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Relationship between life and flow of water pump
From: Release Date:2017-09-25 416

  The two most important parameters of water pump are lift and flow.

  Life means the height that a water pump makes water to reach, and means how high it could send water to in vertical direction, the unit is m and shall be reflected in H.

  Flow is also referred to as water transporting volume, and means the volume of water that a water pump transmits in unit time, and shall be expressed in Q, and the unit may be L/hour, m³/hour or L/second based on actual demands.


  We explain the relationship between life and flow by taking the example of a water pump with the lift of 7.0m and flow of 800L/hour.

  It can be seen from the curve in the chart that under the same conditions, the bigger the flow, the smaller the lift, vice versa.


  Besides the design parameters at the shipping of water pump, the circumstance in actual use would also be different. Take the circulating pump above for an example, use it in the system that needs 5m of lift, then the flow becomes 300L/hour.

  So the lift and flow are just design parameters, and are the maximum values that a circulating pump could reach on the two directions of vertical and horizontal.